Give & Grow by Pledgeling is the most trusted app to power donations for companies of all sizes. While it’s important to support causes that will connect with your customers, it’s equally important to tell the story of the impact that they are helping to facilitate in the world. 

Here’s some tips to help connect your customers to your brand’s commitment to impact:

- Include language on your product pages, in your cart and/or within the customer’s receipt. Communicate how you’re giving back, any company goals (ex: join us in donating $100k this month!) or why the nonprofits you support are important to you. 

- Build a dedicated impact landing page and communicate the organization’s need for your support. Embed your impact calculator to provide the customer with transparency around your donations in real-time.  

Here are great examples:


As I Am


Clove + Hallow

Shinno Tea

Shirt Was Cash

- Add a banner to your homepage to showcase your impact! The banner can link to your impact page or product pages.

- Push out emails to your customers highlighting donation milestones and create social posts with updates. 

Ex. “Thanks to your support, we’ve reached $5k in donations which is the equivalent of planting 5,000 trees in an area in need of reforestation!”

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