We track donations made via each store and charge the merchant's credit card on file when $50 in donations is accrued or 30 days has passed, whichever happens first. 

Those donations are disbursed to the nonprofits within the first 10 days of the following month (so donations made in January will be sent to the nonprofits by February 10th). 

For donations to organizations outside the US: we work through international charitable donation processors and send them funds after the end of every month.

  • For donations going to Canadian charities: our Canadian partner sends out funds for a given calendar month around the middle of the following month.
  • For donations to charities outside the US and Canada: 
    • donations via some of our international partners may not be processed until there is at least US $300 payable to a given charity.
    • Other partners are able to process any amount, but they can deliver donations to only a limited list of charities.

The Pledgeling Foundation support site (link) has answers to many questions about how funds flow to nonprofit charitable organizations.