Impact Hub is where nonprofits can see donation reports, customize their public profile page, set up free text-to-donate campaigns, and more. 

Because Impact Hub contains sensitive data, we need to ensure that only users legitimately associated with the nonprofit have access. There are several ways a nonprofit staff member can do this:

  • If there is already an administrator set up for the account, we will send them an email asking them to approve you. 
  • If there is no admin already set up, you can be automatically approved if:
    • your email domain matches the domain we have on file for the organization; or
    • you have a donation check from us and enter some of its key info into an online form
  • Otherwise, we will send a postcard with a verification code to the nonprofit's address as recorded by the IRS.

There can be problems; for instance, the admin who set up the Impact Hub account may have left the organization, we may not have the nonprofit's domain in our database, or the IRS's address information may be out of date. If you encounter issues, please open a support ticket and provide as much information as possible.

Getting started with requesting Impact Hub access:

  • Go to
  • Enter your email and your nonprofit's EIN. Please use an email with your nonprofit's name in the domain, if possible.
  • On the next page, still titled "Nonprofit Access," confirm that your organization's name is showing.
  • You should see this:
  • We'll collect some more information from you in order to set up an account:

  • If your organization already has an administrator signed up in our system, we'll send them an email asking them to approve you.
  • If there is no administrator, but our system 'knows' your organization's domain and if it matches the domain in your email address, we will email a verification link and you should be automatically approved. Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you don't see it within a minute or two.

If we couldn't automatically verify you:

  • If the above two options were not offered, we don't have an admin on file for your organization, and we couldn't match your email to the organization's internet domain name (that could be because you're using a public email address, like a Gmail or one, or if our system doesn't know your organization's domain name).
  • You can get verified by selecting one of the two tabs on the screen: 
    • "Check" if you've received a check from us and can enter some key info off it, or
    • "Postcard" if no other option applies.

Verifying with a check:

  • Enter the check number and amount and hit the "Verify" button. If what you entered matches a check we've sent to your organization, our system will automatically send you a confirmation email that will include a verification link. Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you don't see it within a minute or two.
  • Click the link, log in using the same email address and password you already provided to us, and you're done!

Verifying via postcard:

  • Select the "Postcard" tab. If the address shown is correct, click the red "send postcard" button.
    • The postcard is mailed to the organization's address as known to the IRS and our third party data providers. This is for security, so that random people can not access information about donations or otherwise access Impact Hub functionality. Don't ask us to send it elsewhere unless that alternative address is publicly posted on the organization website or shows on the IRS tax exempt organization search site.
  • When the postcard arrives, it'll tell you to go to
  • You'll log in using the email address and password you already created, and enter the code printed on the postcard.

If nothing is working:

We have to be sure we only provide access to legitimate representatives of each nonprofit, so if all else fails, open a support ticket and:

  • point us to a page on the organization's official website showing the email address that should have access. For instance, if you're requesting access for, point us to where that address is shown on the site
  • reply to our automated notice about the new ticket with an email from an email address at the organization

  • have someone else with an organization email address send us an email, referencing the ticket, stating that it's OK to give access to your specific email address

  • if the organization has received a donations check from Pledgeling Foundation, reply to the email with a recent check number and amount
  • send us some other evidence that links your email address – not just your name – to the organization. This could be a bill or bank statement that shows both the organization name and your email address.

You can also let us know you have other ways to verify your connection to the organization.