IF you have an account registered with us, and request a password reset, the reset link should be sent to your email address within moments. HOWEVER … if you never registered to access your account (how do you do that? See below …) requesting a password reset will show you a page that says instructions for setting your password have been sent, BUT that's not actually true! This was for security – so hackers couldn't keep trying email addresses to see which were users or not – but it is also confusing, and we plan to fix this.

If you don't receive the password reset email within a minute or two, there are some other things to check:

  • is it in your spam or junk folder? Search for an email from no-reply@pledgeling.com or titled "Password reset for Pledgeling"
  • did you use the same email address that you registered with? As noted above, we currently don't tell you if we don't recognize the address you entered.
  • did you have a typo in the email address you entered? Unfortunately, we don't currently check to see if our password reset email to you bounces back to us.

If you need to request access to Impact Hub for the first time, see the other article in this section covering how to do that.

If you are still experiencing issues logging into your nonprofit's account, use the contact form on this help site for further assistance.