The most common reasons for unsuccessful login attempts are:

1) You THINK you have an account, but you don't. This is exacerbated by two design issues that we have not fixed yet:

  • Submitting your email as a contact email address in our new nonprofit request form is NOT the same as signing up for an account. They are, unfortunately, two different things.
  • Our password reset process does not work if you do not have an account, BUT it also doesn't tell you that you don't have an account! This was originally a security measure and is due to be fixed. There is an entire separate article in this section covering this issue.

If you see a message that says "We couldn't find account with that username and password. Please try again, or contact (Pledgeling) for help," then you haven't registered an account yet. Please make sure your email and password are registered before logging in. Try to re-register with the email address you're attempting to log in with. If you then receive an error message that states "Email address is already taken", that confirms your account is already registered.

2) Account has not been verified yet: After signing up, you will be redirected to a window that will tell you to "click on the link sent to your email to activate your account" – see first image below. You won't be able to log in until you've completed this verification step. The verification link is valid for 30 days. If it's been longer than that, you'll need to re-register.

Can't find the verification email? Look in your email inbox for an email from Pledgeling. Also check your junk / spam folder in case the email ended up there.

3) You're not logging in on the main site If you try to log in here on this help site (, it won't work because it's not connected to the main site. You need to log in via the main site here.

4) "Invalid Token" message. If this happens, try to reset your password, using the email address that you signed up with. Here's how to reset your password:

If that doesn't work, Use the "New Support Ticket" button at the top of any page here on to get in touch with us.