Large-volume Give & Grow users can make donations via ACH, where we pull funds from your checking account, rather than credit card. 

There are several steps required to set this up:

  • First, you send an email to requesting that we set you up for ACH. Please include your store name as used in Shopify and include the email address linked to your Shopify account, even if that's not the email address you're sending the request from. That will help us make sure we're looking at the right store.
  • Once we confirm your eligibility, we'll send you a link to a short online form where you authorize us to pull funds from your account.
  • You fill out and sign the form online.
  • We'll make some changes on our side and email you when we're ready for you to enter your banking information.
Now you're ready to switch over to ACH. Go to the Give & Grow app, then the General Settings screen. There’s a section labeled "Enter your payment information." Instead of asking for only your credit card, now it should now also give you the option to provide your banking info:

Select either "Bank account via Plaid" or "Bank account via microdeposits." 

Once verified, future withdrawals will come out of your bank account instead of being charged to your store's credit card.