Free text-to-donate accounts usually have one keyword (the word the donor initially texts in) and one active campaign (which defines the content of the text that the user receives back). You'll usually want to archive an older campaign in order to launch a new one.

To archive the old campaign, go to the Fundraisers page and its list of campaigns:

  • click your keyword in the "keyword" column, then the green "Keyword Settings" button. 

  • On the next screen, click the red "Archive" button. 

If you're creating a new campaign:

  • back on the Fundraisers page,  click the green "Create a Fundraiser" button to create a replacement campaign.
  • when you save it, you'll be taken back to the Fundraisers page with a "request keyword" button on the row for the newly created campaign. You can now request the same, or a different, keyword for the new campaign.