If you're the host of a fundraising event, you can choose to ask your guests to make donations to charity or to a personal fundraiser (crowdfund). Here are the differences between them:

Charity - proceeds go to a certified nonprofitPersonal (crowdfund) - proceeds go to a personal account
who we can send payments to:any US 501c3 nonprofit in good standing with the IRS. If they're not in our database, we can verify and add them.

an individual with a US bank account, subject to our verification of both the individual and the bank account.
tax deductibility of donations
eligible -- actual deductibility depends on your individual tax situation

not eligible, even if funds were eventually given to a charity, because the payment was made to an individual.
where we send payments:directly to the nonprofit at their IRS-registered address. Currently most payments are by paper check.

an individual's verified US bank account via direct deposit.
when we send payments:usually within 15 days of the end of the calendar month (unless amount is under $20, in which case it's held until we have at least $20 to send)

within seven or eight days of each donation
payment setup:Pledge verifies nonprofit info and IRS statuspayment recipient must complete identity verification and banking setup using our online forms

See the other articles in this section on how to change your selection.