Most of the Text-to-Donate user experience is the same as for users who donate via a web form, which is covered elsewhere on this help site. For instance, donors receive an immediate tax receipt from Pledgeling Foundation.

Q: Are people charged for texting in?
A: There is no charge for texting in and receiving the automated bounce back message, outside of the texter’s normal texting charges. It’s the same as sending or receiving a text from a friend or co-worker.

Q: Can donors make recurring gifts through this service?
A: Yes, we include the ability to make recurring donations on every donation form. Donation options include: one-time, monthly, quarterly, annually. Our form makes it simple to convert one-time donors to recurring donors without requiring them to re-enter their personal or billing information.

Q: Are donations through this service tax-deductible?
A: Yes, Pledgeling automatically issues donation receipts for tax-deductible purposes to all donors.