If you work for a nonprofit that received funds from us, here's how to see detail on the individual donors.

Log In to our Impact Hub

If you already have an Impact Hub account linked to your nonprofit, click "My Organization" in the "My Profile" tab at the top right corner of the Pledgeling home page: https://www.pledgeling.com/home. You can also go to https://www.pledgeling.com/impact-hub to log in. Please see other articles about Impact Hub if you are having difficulty logging in.

If you don't have an Impact Hub account yet, search for "How do I get an Impact Hub user account?" on our support site.

Review Donation Reports

You see the reports on the "Donations" tab on the left side of the Impact Hub.

If a donor checked the "anonymous" box, their name will appear as "anonymous" in the donations menu. If the donor opted to not share their email address (via Evite donations), their email will display as "not available."

If you need additional support for a particular donation that was made, we may be able to provide it, depending on our and our partners' privacy polices.

See Donations for a Specific Disbursement Check

To see the donations detail for a specific month, go to the "Donations" tab on your Impact Hub and set the date range from the starting date to the ending date. Those should total the amount on the distribution check. The donation data dates go all the way back to your nonprofit organization's first donation processed via Pledgeling Foundation.

You can view the history of our payments to you in the "Disbursements" tab on the Impact Hub. Disbursements data only goes back to August 2016.