Pledgeling Foundation is a donor-advised fund that regrants donations received via a number of channels and partnerships. We aggregate all donations received during a calendar month and, less any processing charges, send funds out on or before the 15th of the following month.* 

Charitable organizations can see donor lists via our Impact Hub. There are articles about how to get access to Impact Hub elsewhere on this help site -- search for "impact hub" at the top of this page, or start here.

Since we received the original donation and we're a 501c(3), we issue the tax receipt – it is sent via email as soon as the card charge is processed. We report the donation on our 990 if required by the IRS.


* the exceptions are 1) if IRS tax-exempt status has been revoked; or 2) the amount is under $20, in which case we wait one month to see if additional amounts come in.