Change of address

Is the address on your nonprofit's profile page wrong? You can edit your organization's contact address within the Impact Hub any time you like, on the Public Profile tab. 

However, in order to update the disbursement address – the address we send donation checks to – you need to click the link in the disbursement tab in the Impact Hub and request a change there:

For instructions on setting up an Impact Hub account to see your data, see the articles in the Impact Hub section of this support site.

You can also request a change of address by contacting us via the "New Support Ticket" link near the top of this page.

How we verify change of address

Because we're sending money, we can't just rely on someone's request that we send payments somewhere new. We check all address change requests agains the current IRS nonprofit Business Master File database, so if you have moved, please make sure you've sent them their form 8822 Change of Address form (Google it!). If your new address isn't in the IRS database, we'll ask for one or more of the following:

1) an IRS confirmation of change of address (their database updates can lag) or other IRS document sent to the new address;

2) a utility bill or bank statement showing both your organization name and the new address;

3) at our discretion, we may accept the new address if it is shown on your website.

You will also want to update your information at, which many services, including us, use to get address and other information. You can find your nonprofit organization's Guidestar profile here.

Lastly, don't forget to send the IRS their change of address form, so that it's reflected in their databases.

Change of name

Please open a support ticket if your organization's name has changed. We will need verification, either via your website, 990 filings, or listing in the IRS database of tax-exempt organizations.