Virtually all US 501c3 organizations, and many international ones, are already in our database. If you can't find a organization, please check alternate names or acronyms. This IRS database may help

If you would like Pledgeling to list a new US 501c3 nonprofit, please request it using this form. Please be as thorough as possible because missing information may cause processing delays. Once approved, the nonprofit will appear in search results on the website, app, Evite, and others.

Please make sure you are using the right EIN (taxpayer identification), since everything depends on that! We use data from the Guidestar service to look up name, mailing address, and website.

Some additional info about for filling out the form:

  • Adding the nonprofit's website URL is recommended. If your organization does not have a website, a social networking page such as Facebook is also acceptable.
  • The mission statement for your organization is is completely up to you. This can usually be found on the organization's website or Guidestar profile. If a mission statement isn't already written out on your organizations website, just write a concise paragraph about what your charity is all about!
  • A logo image is also recommended. If a logo isn't provided in the original submission, we will use a logo displayed on the nonprofit's website. Or, we can search for and upload the logo. We are careful not to imply that the nonprofit endorses Pledgeling. If for any reason you don't approve of the logo chosen by a Pledgeling admin, contact us and we'll change the logo.

Pledgeling verifies nonprofits to make sure your money is going to a legitimate IRS-registered 501(c)(3) organization. Sometimes this requires us to ask the nonprofit to send us information (such as an IRS letter or utility bill to confirm their current address) and their response time can vary. The time it takes to process each request also depends on the volume of requests we get, as we process each request in the order we receive them.

If you are associated with a nonprofit, you can also request permission to edit the listing and see online reporting here: . Please use an email address associated with the organization, since we'll have to do additional verification if the email address is a public email service like Gmail or Yahoo. If you are NOT associated with the nonprofit as an employee, board member, or other authorized person, you will not be allowed to edit the listing.

If you are having problems with the form, see the other help articles in this section.