Short answer: no.

At this time, we only share donor names and email addresses (if they choose not to remain anonymous), donation dates, and donation amounts with nonprofits. Due to privacy issues, we do not share details about the Evite event, such as the name of the host or the event, with nonprofit donation recipients.

If you WANT the nonprofit to know which donations came from your event, provide them with your Evite event ID (it's in the URL when you're visiting your event's home page, after “"). The nonprofit can use that event ID and our online "Impact Hub" to see what donations came from your event (in case you need to tell them how to do this, they should export the donations data and use Excel filters to view only donations with your event ID).


The above applies to charitable fundraisers. Personal fundraisers are completely different. Since they are intended for things like birthday gifts, graduation presents, and so on, proceeds from personal fundraisers are paid to one person -- either the person hosting the event, or someone they designate. If that person were raising the money for a charity, it would be up to that person to make the donation, and only that person would receive a tax receipt from the charity. If the goal is to raise money for a charity, it is always a better choice to select charitable fundraiser instead of personal fundraiser.