Pledgeling Foundation provides the following to the recipient organization by default:

  • donor name (can be removed at your option)
  • donor email (can be removed at your option)
  • donation amount
  • donation date
  • partner name 

This is the same information they would receive if you donated directly to them online. 

As a donor, you have the option of hiding your name & email address. If you don't want us to pass your along your name & email, there is a checkbox to make an anonymous donation. In that case, we only pass along the date and amount.

If you made a donation through, you have the option of sharing your contact information with the nonprofit organization you donated to. This option occurs on the Thank You screen following your donation submission. The different settings control what the charitable organization sees as follows:

Anonymous Donation: Nonprofit organization sees no name or email address.
Non-Anonymous Donation, but Share Contact Info NOT checked: NPO sees name, but not your email

Non-Anonymous Donation, Share Contact info checked - NPO sees name and email

See our privacy policy for more detail: but please note that if your donation is initiated through a partner where you have an account, like Evite, you should reference their privacy policy as well.