Pledgeling can regrant donations to:

  • any US 501(c)(3) "public charity" nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS. Our database has virtually all such active US nonprofits in it.
  • One exception is that nonprofits that were just recently approved by the IRS might not be listed yet.
    • Most, but not all, US nonprofits are classified as "public charities" by the IRS. We can not process donations to most type of "private foundation."
  • many organizations outside of the United States via our international donations partners. Coverage varies by country with Canada, the UK, and Australia being the most extensive. We pay out on a different schedule than to US nonprofits, and the fee structure is different.

Have an organization in mind, but not sure if it qualifies? For US nonprofits, visit or search the IRS site directly.

To check if your organization is eligible, go to

If you'd like to request that we add an organization, see this page.