Short version: If you don't recognize a charge, search your email, including your spam or junk mail folder, for an email containing "Pledgeling" on or right after the date of the charge. Please contact us via this site before disputing the charge with your credit / debit card company.

Did you make a donation for someone's birthday party, for Shark Week, or for Puppy Bowl? Pledgeling Foundation is a nonprofit "donor advised fund" that receives donations from a number of sources and re-grants those funds to the donor-designated US nonprofit. The highest volume of donations is from Evite invitations to events like birthday parties, anniversary parties, and fundraisers.

We email tax receipts almost immediately after a donation is processed, so unless there was a typo in your email address, you should have that as proof. Search your mail, including your spam or junk folder, for "Pledgeling" and see if that email rings a bell. 

Also search for Evite events that you were invited to around the date of the charge. Click the link to the event's web page, and the Activity tab there may show donations, including yours.

Also ask your spouse, partner, or family members if they made the charge – if they did, they probably provided us with their email address, so they should search for an email from Pledgeling right around the date of the charge.

If you still don't recognize the charge, use the "New Support Ticket" button near the top of this page to ask us to find out more about your donation. Please include:

  • the date of the charge as it appears on your card statement
  • the exact amount of the charge
  • the last four digits of the credit / debit card number on which the charge appears
  • your first and last name
  • any email addresses you might use when making an online donation

Unfortunately, if you contact your credit card card company, that creates a "dispute" that our card processor charges us $15 for. We then have to deduct that $15 from the next monthly donation we make to the charitable organization associated with your donation, and that comes out of other people's donations. So please get in touch with us before disputing a charge through your bank or credit card company.